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Last updated 30 October 2019




Below you will find the general practice schedule for all the KIYL Boys teams. Practices are anticipated to be twice weekly (weekday + Saturdays) in pre-season from MAR 1 till start of league games. Saturday practices will be supplanted by league games in-season. Coaches will be the point of contact for their own team's schedule and have descretion to adjust their practice schedules as needed.

NEW FOR 2020! KIYL will be hosting Lacrosse Skill Sessions for all age groups every Thursday during pre-season and in-season for players looking to up their game! These sessions will cater to the begining and intermediate players and focus on individual, lacrosse-specific skill growth.

FIELD LOCATION: Batts Neck Park, 415 Batts Neck Road, Stevensville, MD 21666  

Batts Neck Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday   Color Code
Field A (Lighted)
5:30 Middie teams   5:30 Middie teams         In house (U7)
7:00 Junior team   7:00 Junior team        
Clinic (U9)
Field B
5:00PM- Clinic teams   5:00PM- Clinic teams        
Pee Wee (U11)
Field C
5:30 Pee Wee Teams   5:30 Pee Wee Teams        
Middie (U13)
Field E
Juniors (U15)
Field F
Field G (In house)                
Field H (In house)