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2018PRACTICE SCHEDULE:  Last updated 1 March 2018


Below you will find the general practice schedule for all the KIYL teams.   


BOYS: Batts Neck Park  415 Batts Neck Rd, Stevensville, MD 21666  

Below you will find the date that the first practice will start. 





Practice matrix:

BOYS: 415 Batts Neck Rd, Stevensville, MD 21666 

Batts Neck Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday   Color Code
Field A (Lighted)
5:30 Middie teams   5:30 Middie teams         In house (U7)
7:00 Junior team   7:00 Junior team        
Clinic (U9)
Field B
5:00PM- Clinic teams   5:00PM- Clinic teams        
Pee Wee (U11)
Field C
5:30 Pee Wee Teams   5:30 Pee Wee Teams        
Middie (U13)
Field E
Juniors (U15)
Field F
Field G (In house)                
Field H (In house)