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Here is the current standings for the fundraising campaign.  Winning team gets a pizza party, free tickets tot eh Army Navy lacrosse game on April 15th and, they play a lacrosse game i Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium after the Army Navy game. 


Standings as of April 12th.

Fund Raiser
Team total
$821.25 Boys Clinic- Goloboski
$601.25 Boys Midget- Corbe
$555.50 Girls 3/4 Ritz
$541.00 Boys InHouse- SeaWolf
$452.50 Sticklettes- Cole
$442.75 Boys Pee Wee- Wolf
$335.50 Girls 3/4 Pierson
$325.25 Girls 5/6 McKenzie
$318.75 Boys Clinic- Bonanni
$299.25 Boys Pee Wee- Lamb
$256.25 Boys InHouse- Nautilus
$248.25 Boys InHouse- Marek
$245.50 Sticklettes- Ritz
$198.00 Girls 7/8 Delp
$189.50 Girls 5/6 Judge
$120.00 Boys Midget- Christopher
$114.00 Sticklettes- Tengwall
$111.00 Boys Midget- Boomerangs
$107.00 Boys InHouse- Goloboski
$95.25 Boys InHouse- Martin
$87.00 Boys Clinic- Team Grey
$71.00 Sticklettes- Boland
$46.00 Sticklettes- C. Lamb
$17.50 Boys InHouse- Williams
$0.00 Boys Juniors- Mulligan